Sunday, 8 August 2010

Dear Reader

Reposted as this should have been posted on 1st August, but for some reason came up with duff date!

Hello readers - I do believe there are some! I started this blog, really, as a response to requests from many of you who sent me off with your good wishes and contributions to my fund-raising campaign, and wanted to be kept in touch with how I got on. So you are my principal audience. When I write I am mindful that there are plenty of web-literate people around here in Bobo, who may come across the blog at some point. I am also mindful of the guidelines of the organisation which brought me here.

Today I am setting off back to Blighty for a couple of weeks, for Tom and Sue's wedding. So there will probably be a bit of a break - unless of course I find UK so strange that I am moved to blog about that! So I thought I would take this opportunity to invite you to let me know what you would like me to write about in future - if you feel so inclined - either by comments on the blog, or by email.

Hearing back from you is great - I enjoy living here, but it is really good, too, to hear from folks back home; even when you think that you haven't much to say, I like getting the emails and it's good to keep in touch.

Getting home to Warwick involves: taxi to coach station early in the morning; coach to Ouagadougou; hang around Ouaga for a bit (to allow plenty of time for catching flight); meet some Ouaga based colleagues for an early supper; Air France night flight to Paris; breakfast at Charles de Gaulle airport; then hop across to Heathrow, where I am hoping Les is going to meet me and drive me home in the luxury of an underfilled car in full working order on fully tarmaced roads - albeit with the risk of traffic jams and roadworks! We shall see.

I am posting this from Ouaga (so first leg already accomplished successfully) via wifi, with a delicious glass of freshly squeezed orange juice beside me.

I am looking forward to: seeing family and friends who I know well, and who know me; a proper cup of tea; a bath; washing my hair in a shower with choice of temperature; speaking (and hearing) English; lighter evenings; shops where you can see what is on offer and what it costs; Radio 4; the Guardian; a fresh book supply; broadband; comfy chairs.... and actually some time off work, which has been hectic these last few days, as we prepared for and saw through a 'Sortie de Residence' and a performance under the patronage of a Minister - more of that anon. I reckon I have been spoiled with ample time off work in recent years, so 4 months without a break feels long, to me - lots of Burkinabes don't even take the limited leave to which they are entitled.

A bientot, see some of you soon.

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  1. Well H - I just like the way you write. In the best literary fashion you manage to observe and bring out the less obvious facets of life in a strange place. Do carry on doing it - I have learned more about your life there from the blog than talking with you! You probably need to write a blog about my hearing capacity!