Monday, 26 July 2010

Last mango in (petit) Paris

Oh no! The mango season is coming to an end - in fact has done. Until recently every roadside was peopled with mango-sellers; now there are virtually none left - the last few mangos are squishy, or sometimes wormy. I've been eating mango every day since I got here, and I am still not bored of them - they are the best of mangoes and satisfy hunger and thirst. Not at all sure what I am going to eat instead.

The caterpillars, in contrast, are now plentiful and everywhere. I have now eaten a whole caterpillar meal - fried caterpillars, cucumber, mustard and bread - quite palatable, but I have not become an addict, and it's no substitute for mango.

As for Paris - the area where I work is known as 'Petit Paris' - I'm not quite sure why. It contains a few affluent houses, and some nice looking gardens and big cars, but it is singularly lacking in most of the things for which I would go to Paris...

Last week there was a rumour that the 'Autogare' - the big lorry park - was going to relocate to the abandoned customs building opposite, and a flurry of market people arrived to stake out their preferred pitches, which were marked with posts and paint. But now it seems the Autogare is going somewhere else, which is probably good news for a cyclist.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the area around where I work... see if you can spot the Seine, or a cafe, or a charcuterie...


  1. colour of the earth looks good for Boules. just imagine its the tuileries. am sure its just as social on a sunday afternoon. :-)

  2. As a former sub-editor, I salute your clever headline! And I salute your bravery even more (caterpillars! ugh!). Tom O'C