Thursday, 2 September 2010

Back in Bobo and blogging again

Ok, I am now safely back in Bobo after long but trouble free journeys. Very different weather from my first arrival! We are well into the rainy season here, and as nothing is done by halves, that means spectacular rain, often accompanied by heavy winds and sometimes by thunder.

When it rains hard, the streets empty; if its raining heavily people don't go to work, or if they are at work, stay there. The other day it started raining heavily at about 12.15 and carried on for a couple of hours, so no going home or out for lunch, and I began to get rather hungry.... and it's not as if there is a supply of biscuits or bananas in the office kitchen here.

Rain leaves huge puddles in the holes in the road, and unless they are holes you know well and have memorised, there is no knowing how deep they may be. And with the rain comes loads of sticky red mud, which then dries, and gets everywhere...

However, the air is quite fresh, and although it is hot between times when the sun comes out, no way is it sweltering like it was in April. Mostly, the temperature is comfortable wearing light trousers and a short sleeved t-shirt - a couple of times I have felt a little chilly on the arms during torrential downpours, which create quite a breeze. And often sleeping without a fan at night, and under a sheet...

I think I have pretty much settled back in now, took about a week, needed to do a bit of spring cleaning in the flat, and a bit of adjusting to the different pace of life and level of physical comforts. Presents from UK generally well received - I printed out a load of photos and that has led to lots of fun. Also sweeties from Tom and Sue's wedding for some of the neighbourhood children.

All of course much less daunting than it seemed in April, and my French in better nick than it was then!

Lots else to blog about, so watch this space for further instalments.


  1. glad you're back safely.
    look forward to next post

  2. Holes in the road! Well, have you explained the value of the 1822 General Turnpike Act? Other than that there is always 'A Day in the Life' of course - could provide plenty of work for the boys who can count.