Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Hi all

this is my first attempt at blogging, so bear with me please. I've been in Burkina almost 2 weeks now and just got round to setting this up, so to start with I am going to post some of the info which I emailed to various family and friends, to bring us up to date. And then I will aim to add regular updates, with pics when I have mastered the technology!

I haven't quite got the hang of formatting or layout, but if I wait until I have, it will all be old news, so here goes.

It's great getting to hear from everyone, so keep those emails coming - right now I am trying to imagine european skies without planes!

A bientot


  1. Hi Hellie
    Lovely to see your smile on the screen - even though I only cropped the image 24 hours ago! Will check resolution of pic - but it does not seem to provide any peed issue for me. But there again I am using a proper machine! No idea what choosing a 'profile' means - so I will guess!

    luv L xxx

  2. This is good - something is working. I wont be so desperately lonely in future - I have friend in the world Wow!!

  3. Come on, come on - I am waiting world!! I expect lots of friends now. L