Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Easter Weekend

The 2 Canadian volunteers, Richard and Alexis, arrived in the wee small hours of Easter Saturday. The heat varies between sunny, which is nice, and overcast, less so - if it was southern Europe you would expect thunder any minute, but apparently no rain is due for 2 months.

Saw a bit more of Ouaga - signs we drove past said 41 and 44 degrees! Two outings – one by taxi to the National Museum, weird complex of pavilions very widely spaced out in a dusty compound – the only one which was open had an exhibition of masks – fine masks, described mask by mask by a well informed guide – but no ventilation or air con and really meltingly hot. Alarming for objects as well as visitors!

And then on Easter Day Alexis, who is a Burkinabé volunteer recruited in Canada, kindly invited Richard and me to lunch with some relatives Рwhere we had delicious guinea fowl and some Easter wine!

Then the challenge for the evening was trying to get all my luggage back into its containers, as I move to Bobo early tomorrow.

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