Saturday, 2 April 2011

Full Circle

Well, it really is a year since I arrived in Burkina, and the year has turned full circle. So it seems has the blog! As I think I may have mentioned, mangoes are back - along with all sorts of ingenious devices for getting them out of the trees. Flowers which I had forgotten, but now remember, are out again. The yellow and black Village Weaver birds are back too. And of course it is getting hot. There are some advantages to this - the water comes out of the single tap in the kitchen at a pretty good temperature for doing the washing up now. Not quite so good for rinsing(as opposed to poaching) salad - I have to leave the water to cool down for a bit, and/or add a few ice cubes. After months of close observation, I now have better techniques for preventing the flat from overheating (thick towels draped over curtains at strategic times in strategic places). And I have discovered the joys of iced tea, which makes a refreshing addition to the range of cold drinks available - along with Tamarind, Bissap, Ginger etc.

Having experienced all the seasons, I think I like December best - sun which it is a pleasure to be in, slightly chilly in the evening - even occasionally requiring a light cardigan or wrap. Then again, I did quite enjoy the storms of the rainy season, except when it flooded the office, penetrated the desk drawers and all our paperwork turned pale brown... Not so keen on the Harmattan, when the dust gets everywhere, even between the teeth. Or the thunderstorms which fry computers, although they are quite dramatic otherwise - the storms, that is, not the computers.

But April - well, I stand by the opinion that this is not the best month to arrive in Burkina Faso, but perhaps a good month in which to leave.

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  1. all the best to you Helen upon your return to your true home - but I am sure you will miss the simplicity of Burkina Faso