Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Nothing new under the sun?

This week we have not only new year but new weather. It’s hazy. For the last few weeks, the weather has been really rather nice – fresh clear mornings, bright sun, warm and rather hot around midday – pleasant southern European weather in many respects, with never the risk of rain. A far cry from what I hear of in the UK.

But in the last few days the Harmattan has really kicked off. This means moderate winds – which can be pleasantly cooling in the heat of the day to start with – and increasing amounts of dust in the air, to the extent that the sky looks overcast and the view is obscured. As it says in the guidebooks, not the weather for photographers! So no pics. Increasingly, those on bikes and motos are wearing face masks, and people wrap up their heads and some their faces for protection against the dust. Which gets everywhere – my computer has a new tasteful bronze-ish sheen on its shiny black surfaces. My hair is looking a bit less grey than it was. And the t-shirts in the colour formally known as white… Suffice to say, I am wearing a navy one today.

What further surprises does the Burkina weather have in store, I wonder? I will let you know as and when.

Happy New Year to one and all.

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  1. Hello Helen,

    If I were you I would be wearing a mask also knowing what is in the dust that is flying around.
    Happy New Year!