Sunday, 20 June 2010

All things bright and ...

I've written quite a bit about domestic matters such as power and water cuts - which, when they happen, tend to dominate. So now the lighter side of domestic life. There are quantities of plastic in use here - unsurprising when you consider that life is lived largely out of doors, and that hard and uneven floors abound. And then again, lots of water has to be moved around; most houses don't have running water, so water comes from a standpipe in a bowser - and is then transferred into buckets and bowls, for cooking, for washing - people, clothes, washing up - pretty much continuous activity in large households - and most households are large. Cooking for a household of 20 is normal, maybe over 100 for a celebration. And plastic is cheap and light.

So, to give you an insight into domestic life, here are some pics from my kitchen of the colourful plastic - made in Guinee, it says - doesn't that almost make you want to do the washing up (although perhaps not fetch the water first...)?

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  1. Helen there is definitely a market for beautiful plastic in the UK. I wash up in a boring grey bowl.